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Organization of the Ministry of Finance

In the accomplishment of his duties, the Minister of Finance has a cabinet (comprising a private secretariat, technical advisers, a

Dues and taxes

Tax exemptions of a social character in the general tax code

Exemption should be understood as the total or partial discharge of tax liability that one would have normally assumed. The

Public contracts

Public contracts

Decree No. 2004/275 of 24/09/2004 on the public contracts code in its article 5 (1) defines public contract as being

Press room

Relations between the Ministry of Finance and the insurance market

By virtue of the Treaty of Inter-African Conference on Insurance Markets (CIMA), the Ministry of Finance (MINFI), through the Directorate

Tax matters

The issue of tax pressure in Cameroon

Tax pressure defines the relative importance of compulsory levies in the national economy. It is a macroeconomic greatness of which

Tax matters

Taxpayers’ rights and guarantees in the Cameroonian tax system

The tax system in force in Cameroon recognizes a certain number of rights and guarantees to the taxpayer. These prerogatives

Tax matters

The fiscal administration at your service

Improvement in the provision and quality of services For the past several years, the Tax Administration has been working towards

Tax matters

Taxpayers’ obligations

Obligations to file returns What are the different obligations to declare which the taxpayer is responsible for? Obligation of registration;


Tax incentives to investment in Cameroon

In order to promote and support investment, tax laws in force in Cameroon have developed a number of incentive schemes.